What is CBD Coffee?

Unicorn frappuccinos. Turmeric lattes. Pumpkin spice everything. With these drinks and more it seems like there is a new fad in coffee culture every other week. One of more recent trend is CBD coffee, or coffee with cannabidiol as an added ingredient. While we recently did a breakdown on some more popular CBD questions, CBD coffee shines as one of the more popular trends taking over the restaurant industry so we wanted to take a deeper dive into what CBD coffee is.

What is CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is a combination of CBD and coffee, typically found as a traditional cup of coffee or a latte. A benefit of adding CBD to coffee is that CBD has been known to provide a groggy feeling at times so caffeine has the opportunity to combat this effect. And while CBD oil doesn’t have a taste, cafes will typically end up adding cinnamon, honey, or other coffee additives so any lurking plant-like tastes go unnoticed.

It’s also important to note that CBD coffee will not get you high. And while CBD affects everyone differently, it is legal and likely going to have some staying power. In a National Restaurant Association’s survey of 650 professional chefs, 77% said that cited cannabis/CBD-infused drinks as the number one trend (followed immediately by cannabis/CBD-infused foods). So next time you go to your local coffee shop, you very well could see some CBD coffee added to the menu.

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