What is a Cannabis Cultivation Director?

What is a Cannabis Cultivation Director?

A Cannabis Cultivation Director is responsible for all cultivation operations. The individual in this role must follow state compliance and is responsible for producing quality crops. Cannabis Cultivator directors must follow procedures to ensure growing conditions are optimal and that soil is nutrient rich. This individual is responsible for creating harvesting schedules, pest management, hiring and training of cultivation staff, and managing plant health and potency. A cannabis cultivator is also known as a Grower or Master Grower.

How Much Does a Cannabis Cultivation Expert Earn

The average base salary for a cannabis cultivator is $104k. In addition, this position typically receives bonuses for reaching quarterly and annual goals. In some cases, a Master Grower will earn a share of profits or own stock in the company. With this said, the annual earning potential for a cannabis cultivator can be over $200K depending on experience.

How Do You Cultivate Cannabis

Although there are many techniques to grow specific strains of cannabis, one must understand the basics before you begin. If you can create a suitable environment which supports lighting, nutrients, humidity, air ventilation and pest control, you will have a great amount of success growing cannabis.

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