This is How Much Jobs in the Cannabis Industry Pay

Recently, Vangst (a top staffing company in the cannabis industry) released a jobs report to give people a sense of what to expect when working in the field. Not only did it show that the salaries were quite competitive when compared to other industries, but it also painted a rosy picture for the benefits those employees could expect to receive.

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • 71 percent of cannabis jobs include medical insurance.
  • 51 percent offer dental insurance for full-time employees.
  • 46 percent offer vision insurance.
  • 46 percent offer all three for full-time employees.
  • 29 percent offer a 401k plan – or employee stock options.
  • 21 percent of the jobs come with no benefits

How do these numbers stack up to the rest of the economy?

  • 46 percent of small and medium sized businesses (fewer than 200 people, almost all legal cannabis companies fall into this group) offer medical insurance
  • 50 percent of small and medium sized businesses offer dental insurance
  • 15 percent of small and medium sized businesses offer a 401k plan


It’s pretty clear that from a benefits perspective, the cannabis industry outperforms most industries out there. Let’s look at the salaries of the most commonly filled positions:


1. Director of Extraction

  • Low: $47,000
  • Average: $72,000
  • High: $135,000
  • Top: $191,000

2. Director of Cultivation

  • Low: $47,000
  • Average: $88,000
  • High: $140,000
  • Top: $250,500

3. Compliance Manager

  • Low: $45,000
  • Average: $62,500
  • High: $81,750
  • Top: $149,000

4. Dispensary Manager

  • Low: $41,500
  • Average: $56,250
  • High: $65,400
  • Top: $98,000

5. Outside Sales Representatives

  • Low: $28,000
  • Average: $58,800
  • High: $73,500
  • Top: $150,000

6. Budtenders

  • Low: $12/hr
  • Average: $13.25/hr
  • High: $14/hr
  • Top: $16/hr

7. Trimmers

  • Low: $11.50/hr
  • Average: $12.25/hr
  • High: $13/hr
  • Top: $14.50/hr


It should be noted that these figures represent the current state of affairs in the cannabis industry and are likely changing (for the better) as we speak. According to Vangst’s most recent estimates, legal marijuana job growth is projected to hit 220% in 2019. Furthermore, the average salary of legal cannabis jobs increased by 16.8% from 2017 to 2018, so we can likely expect salaries to trend upwards as well.


The bottom line is, if you’re planning to enter the green rush, now is a great time.