How to Prepare for a Cannabis Job Interview

With the cannabis industry one of the fastest-growing industries in America, there has never been more opportunity for workers looking for work. But before the first day, there is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of job hunting: preparing for a job interview.

As with anything intimidating, preparation can help a candidate feel more confident during the interview. But how should someone prepare for a job interview in the cannabis industry? Follow the below tips to feel more confident before an interview.

Analyze the Job Description

The first step to feeling confident walking into a job interviewing is having a full understanding of the job listing. While the cannabis industry has many positions similar to those found across other industries, there are also unique jobs. For instance, there are budtenders, master growers, and cannabis chefs, all of which require different levels of formal education and experience. Understanding the requirements of the specific job as well as others in the industry will help with preparation.

Research the Industry

Beyond the job description itself, having a general understanding of the cannabis industry is increasingly important. Rules and regulations vary by state and are constantly evolving. Keeping up to date on legislation as well as popular events and conferences can help showcase industry knowledge and make a candidate seem more proficient.

Utilize the STAR Method

An effective way to showcase skills relevant to questions an interviewer might ask is to use the STAR method of interviewing. This method helps break down answers to questions into four parts: specific situation, task, action, and result. Best used for questions asking about specific situations, this approach helps highlight specific outcomes from work completed, as well as weaves a story an interviewer can more easily connect to.

For more on STAR method interviewing, check out this blog post.

Come Prepared with Questions

Most interviews end with an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions. This is an opportunity for a candidate to leave his or her final mark, showcase interest, and highlight why the job is a great fit. Try to come with at least two prepared, although asking to hear more about any topics brought up during the interview also shows curiosity about the job. Some questions could include specific job duties, the company culture, or ways in which the cannabis industry impacts future goals and developments of the candidate and company. Showing interest is important in leaving a good impression on an interviewer.

Off Towards Success

Interviews can be stressful, but by preparing for a job interview, a candidate can be ready to get a job within the cannabis industry.