Parameters one should keep in mind while purchasing led grow light

Choosing the right product usually proves to be quite challenging. As a professional or an enthusiasts we want to achieve optimal environment efficiency with minimal effort which in current times only possible by LED grow lights. In market led lights processing different properties while providing different results are available. So, while purchasing LED grow lights one should need to considered many factors to choose the best possible combination as per his requirements. This post is for you to get some great insights about LED lights parameters.

Understanding Light Spectrum

Before buying any LED light you must know the light spectrum of that light. For that first understand what basically the light spectrum is. It is basically referred to as the range of colors (in terms of wavelength) present in the light that is being emitted from light source. The most common example of light source is Sun, which here we replicate with the LED grow lights to get the most benefits of it at our ease. As the name shows led grow light consists of different LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that emits light of different color and wavelength. These different LEDs once combined on a single chip provide us a broad spectrum of light. After the research done on different plants it is clearly shown that during vegetative phase plants require more blue light while during the flowering phase they require more red light. This is the reason mostly LED lights available in market consist of series of blue and red color led, which when combine show the purplish tone light.

Understanding Light Cycles

Natural light i.e. sunlight along with other factors is very much essential for the growth of plants. But we don’t have the constant sunlight as in summers we have long bright days and in winter we have shorter less bright days. It is not possible to increase the plant growth outside with sunlight so LEDs is one of the best solution to replicate the sunlight. The plant has three different cycles. In each cycle plant needs different type of light with different duration. So while purchasing LED grow light you must see that the light you bought will work according as per light cycle require by the plant. You must know the general rule which is given below:

  1. For seedling or clone phase, plant requires 16 hours on and 8 hours off cycle.
  2. For vegetative phase plant requires 18 hours on and 6 hours off cycle.
  3. For flowering phase plant requires 12 hours on and 12 hours off cycle.

Specifically, from vegetative to flowering phase the amendment in the light cycle will truly facilitate trigger the plant to maneuver on to ensuring growth part.


Everyone wants that whichever led light he bought must be last long. Durability comes with quality of material (Common Sense). So while purchasing the light you must see the quality of material with which light is made. As the light made up of quality material will definitely lasts 10 years easily if used with care and cautions provided by the manufacturer.

Brand Reputation

How to know the quality of light or quality of material used? I know you have this question in your mind after reading the last four lines. Generally the expensive product uses the more quality material as compared to cheap products (BUT this is not true in all cases). Secondly read the product material details on the manual and also do online research about it. In case if you stuck on two or more LED lights with almost same price and look then look at the brand. Good companies focus on brand reputation so led grow light made by good brand will definitely of high quality. Normally everyone does not have information about company or brand, so for their ease the list of top 10 best led grow lights is made by 10Excellence. You will definitely get your desired led light there in the list.

Electricity Output & Consumption

LED grow lights will have to operate for at least 16 hours during seedling stage, 18 hours during vegetative stage and at least 12 hours during flowering stage. These long operation duration will cost high electricity bills. Although the led lights are famous for their low electricity bill, but still you need to choose the best electricity saving led grow lights from available options. For this you need to read the detail product description before purchase or alternatively you can pick the one from list designed by 10Excellence team.

All the steps explained above will help you in deciding the best led light and make your purchasing experience better. So keep all these points in your mind while purchase to get the right light for your indoor garden.