Massachusetts Generates $24 Million in Retail Sales in First Two Months After Opening Recreational Stores

As reported by AP, Massachusetts racked up $23.8MM in retail marijuana sales as of January 20, 2019. To give you an idea for the size of this rollout, Colorado’s retail sales topped out at $28.2MM the first 2 months after going recreational. But it should be noted that Massachusetts was able to generate their revenue with only 2 recreational stores in operation for the majority of that time.

The first recreational stores opened in Northampton and Leicester, but others that have opened since. Because state officials did not make any forecasts about sales, there is no way to know if this exceeds expectations or not. One thing we do know, however, is that it stacks up well against other states’ recreational rollouts.

Job Impact

This is big news if you are looking for a cannabis job in Massachusetts. With plans in motion to open several other retail stores across the state, the early success of just a handful of locations will likely expedite that process. Right now, the biggest impediment to opening these stores are the local governments who need to sign off on any location within their municipality. With a 3% sales tax on all cannabis products and proof of high demand, those local governments just got an added incentive to move things along.

If you’re in the Massachusetts area, you can track job openings in that state on our local jobs page.