You can give yourself a huge boost relative to other candidates with cannabis specific education and training. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best institutions in the country to hone your skills. A list that we’ll continue to update and add to over time. Whether your interests are in Business, Science, Horticulture, History, or something else entirely, these resources can hep you acquire the knowledge to take your career in the fastest growing industry in the country to the next level.

THC University

THC University

Offering online certification and accreditation programs to augment your resume. THC University has a sterling reputation as one of the top Cannabis Colleges in the country. Certification programs include Terpenes Basics, Budtender Basics, Grow Basics, Horticulture 101, Cannabis Business, and Safety Regulations. Learn More >

cannabis certification marijuana school

Green CulturED

Green CulturED offers a robust course catalogue in certifications, compliance, management operations, and more. With a focus on practical cannabis knowledge, they even have 50 blueprints available for purchase that cover every aspect of growing, testing, harvesting, and medicinal marijuana, to name a few. Learn More >

oaksterdam university cannabis college marijuanaOaksterdam University

Perhaps best known for being America’s first cannabis college, Oaksterdam University was opened in 2007. Being ahead of the curve has paid off as Oaksterdam has graduated more students than any other Cannabis College in the United States. They offer many online courses in addition to in person classes at their campus in Oakland, CA. Learn More >

trichome institue cannabis certificationTrichome Institute

Trichome Institute is mainly focused on the science aspect of the legal cannabis industry, but offers courses in distribution, retail, legal, and customer service as well. They have also been one of the great innovators in the space offering the first ever Cannabis Sommelier program and creating a quality assurance system that is currently used in everything from edible creation to judging Cannabis Cups. Learn More >