Cannabis Trimmer Jobs

Explore a job in North America’s fast-growing cannabis industry. Turn your passion into your profession with a cannabis trimmer job that will ignite your horticulture career or propel your career into other areas in the cannabis job market. As one of North America’s fastest growing business sectors, the cannabis industry provides job candidates with an opportunity to work with organizations on the ground floor with excellent growth potential.

CannaInsiders will simplify your job search in the marijuana industry. Discover various jobs with titles such as bud trimmer, cultivation specialist, grower, marijuana harvester, assistant grower, cannabis trimmer and more. With a growing list of job opportunities, there is a steady growth forecast for cannabis harvesters and cultivators.

When it comes to pay, trimmers and similar positions can expect anywhere from $12 to $14 per hour.

If you have a passion for horticulture and have an eagerness to work within this industry, you will discover a wealth of opportunity and work with some of the most creative individuals in the job market today.