Cannabis Transportation / Logistics

Find your dream job working in the cannabis industry as a professional and combine your passion with your profession! The cannabis industry is the hottest job market in North America and is poised for growth over the next decade. Get in on the ground floor with a cannabis transportation or marijuana logistics career today!

Cannabis transportation and marijuana logistics positions are most commonly delivery drivers, but can also include jobs in purchasing, fulfillment, and the distribution of cannabis. Position titles may include product or inventory specialist, cannabis buyer, and order fulfillment manager.

To obtain a cannabis delivery position, you will need a valid drivers license, a clean driving record, and no criminal record. Cannabis transportation jobs are generally entry to mid level and pay around $13 – $18/hr.

Cannabis logistics positions tend to be more senior as they have more responsibilities. They will likely require previous experience in purchasing or distribution. You may also be required to manage others. Cannabis distribution is regulated by each state, so attention to detail to ensure accuracy is of the utmost importance. Logistics and distribution professionals will be required to coordinate across all aspects of the business from cultivation to purchase. These positions typically pay between $65k – $80k in yearly salary.

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