Cannabis Sales Jobs

Discover you dream career in the cannabis industry today. The cannabis market is currently growing at an exponential rate and now is the time to hop on board. If you have a sales position now or have had sales training, consider taking your talents to the marijuana industry with a cannabis sales job today.

As a salesperson for a cannabis company, you will be operating much like you would in any other sales role. Your duties will include building pipelines, servicing your B2B customers, and educating customers on your product. Common cannabis sales positions include sales representative, sales agent, regional sales manager, and territory account manager.

Sales roles in the cannabis industry will likely require a bachelor’s degree, but no further education. Depending on the level, you may be required to have previous sales experience. Anything in pharmaceuticals or heavily regulated markets would likely be seen as a plus. As a cannabis sales representative, you can expect to earn between $50k and $75k. A regional or upper level position would command a salary from $130k to $150k or more.

Whether you’re looking for a new career path or you want to be a part of an industry on the rise, we encourage you to explore what the cannabis industry has to offer and apply for a cannabis sales job today.