Cannabis Processors / Extractors

CannaInsiders gives job seekers access to the fastest growing industry in North America. Now is the time to get into the market as this type of unprecedented growth will not last forever. If you have a background in science and a passion for cannabis, then cannabis processor and extractor positions are an excellent fit.

We encourage you to view our growing list of cannabis extraction jobs, one of the most in demand positions on the market. Working mainly in labs, cannabis processors and extractors separate the raw cannabis and trichomes from the flower. Those compounds are then used for oils, topicals, and edibles, among other things. Common positions in this category include extraction technician, cannabis processor, lab technician for extraction, and cultivation processor.

To obtain a job as a cannabis extractor or processor technician, it is unlikely that you will be required to have experience with cannabis. However, a background in organic and inorganic chemistry is a big plus. Salaries range from $72k – $135k, depending on experience.

If you’re looking for a career with a bright future, don’t miss your opportunity. High demand positions in extraction and processing are available today.