Cannabis Packaging Jobs

Discover a career in the cannabis industry and transforms your passion into your profession. We invite our community to view the most attractive cannabis packaging jobs in North America from the most trusted brands and also from emerging newcomers. Discover how CannaInsiders provides candidates with unique and exciting career choices in marijuana processing and packaging facilities.

Employment in the cannabis industry is providing candidates with new and unique work opportunities that never before existed. This newly opened market has sparked creativity in the job market and is providing new-found growth in GDP. This exciting opportunity has motivated millions of people to begin working with companies on the ground floor where growth potential is unlimited.

View our list of cannabis jobs below which range from;  packaging technician, processing specialist, production assistant, processing technician, facility fulfillment staff, and more. Entry level packaging jobs generally pay between $14 – $16/hr.

If you’re looking for career growth and new opportunity in the marijuana job market, we encourage you to learn about the growing list of companies that share their job listings within our archives. Our list of candidates and employers are forward thinkers and are building a brand new path to success.

Our job posts are always up to date and offer the most competitive salaries in the industry.