Cannabis Manufacturing & Production Jobs

The cannabis market is thriving in North America and the now is the time to join. In an industry poised for significant growth over the next decade, there is no shortage of opportunity. If you have a passion for marijuana and would like to do something you love, consider a cannabis manufacturing and production position.

If you obtain an entry level cannabis manufacturing job, you will be working on the production line. You will need to be comfortable working with your hands and performing manual labor. As you move up the ranks into more supervisory roles, your primary responsibility will be the oversight of producers and manufacturers. Cannabis production jobs include production technician, production manager, production operations manager, and director of facilities.

Some experience in manufacturing and production will likely be required. If you already have your marijuana handler’s license (required at the state level), it will help to set you apart from others in the candidate pool. Entry level cannabis manufacturing positions typically pay $30k – $35k annually, while production managers will fetch between $65k and $90k on average.

There are many cannabis manufacturing and cannabis production jobs available now on CannaInsiders. Browse the positions below and start you dream job today!