Cannabis IT / Developer Jobs

The cannabis industry is booming and now is the time to join it. Technology is core to every business and cannabis is no exception. If you have a background in computer engineering or IT, browse our open positions and find a cannabis IT or developer job today.

As a developer or IT professional for a cannabis company, you will be tasked with analyzing and resolving any technical problems that you encounter. While an IT professional might take on more of a support role, a developer would be in charge of building out both internal and external programs. Common positions include IT technician, IT specialist, front end developer, back end developer, lead developer and more.

To obtain a cannabis IT or developer position, you will likely need a degree in computer science. For a developer role, experience in front or back-end development and programming will also be required. Salaries for jobs in tech at marijuana companies will generally pay between $65k and $85k, with the opportunity to earn much more if you are to take on managerial responsibilities as well.

If you’re looking for an exciting new career that is full of potential and unprecedented growth, CannaInsiders has many developer and information technology options for you to choose from.