Cannabis Government Affairs Jobs

Discover a career in the cannabis industry. It is currently the fastest growing sector in North America. Over the next decade, cannabis is slated for major expansion and you can get in now while the outlook is bright. A heavily regulated industry, cannabis companies are always looking for government affairs professional to bridge the local governments with the private sector.

A cannabis government affairs position is the liaison between lawmakers and the business. At minimum, you will be tasked with tracking governmental legislation. In more senior positions, you will be working directly with government officials instrumental in crafting cannabis laws. Typical marijuana government affairs positions include government relations associate, government affairs manager, director of political communications, and senior director of government affairs.

Lower level positions may just require education in political sciences or public policy related coursework. Upper level positions will require direct experience with the legislative process. Additionally, cannabis companies may want experience in state or local government bodies. Upper level government affairs positions can expect to earn between $75k and $90k.

If you are interested in growing the marijuana industry through the legislative process, a cannabis government affairs job is a great fit.