Cannabis Facilities Jobs

Be a part of the fastest growing industry in North America and find you dream job in cannabis. Marijuana companies are being established every day, and with them, new jobs in an emerging market. Each company requires large and complex facilities to run efficiently. If you have experience in maintenance or operations, explore our cannabis facilities jobs today.

Working in cannabis facilities, there are several types of positions available. First the facilities must be procured, and for that companies need realtors. Many cannabis companies are expanding rapidly and hire full time realtors to help them find suitable locations. Once the property has been procured, there will most likely be some construction needed. This will require the help of a construction project manager. Lastly, those buildings need to be maintained, which necessitates the use of a custodian.

The necessary education or experience for a cannabis facilities job varies widely with each position, as does compensation. A facilities custodian will likely make between $14 – $18/hr. A cannabis real estate agent, for a cannabis company or real estate company specializing in cannabis listings, will pull in about $40k – $60k. A facilities project manager or facilities ops manager can expect somewhere between $80k – $120k.

Don’t wait to join the marijuana industry. Now is the time to get in while growth potential is still at an all time high. Browse our cannabis facilities jobs and apply today.