Cannabis Edibles Jobs

Find your dream job in the red hot cannabis market. The fastest growing sector in North America is not showing any signs of slowing down and now is the time to get on board. If you enjoy cooking and have a passion for cannabis, you can find one of the many edibles jobs that are available right now.

If you make marijuana infused foods, you can expect to perform all the duties required of any cook. Edibles cooks are generally involved in making chocolates and candy, but the list of cannabis infused products is growing every day. Common marijuana edibles positions include cannabis chef, kitchen technician, infusion assistant, and more.

It is unlikely that you will need prior experience working with cannabis, but you will need kitchen experience, especially for upper level positions. A degree in the culinary arts would also be a big boost to your resume. With more companies offering ways to consume cannabis without smoking, the edibles job outlook is very high. Entry level kitchen techs can expect between $12-$15/hr while head chefs will command around $40k – $90k per year with many topping $100k.

If you think this description fits your interests, apply for a job now. Don’t miss the boat on this exciting opportunity!