How to Become a Cannabis Chef

Image courtesy of High Times
How to become a cannabis chef?

There are several ways to become a cannabis chef. You can blend your existing culinary experience with your passions for cannabis. At the same time, you can watch YouTube tutorials on how to cook with marijuana.

You can also attend courses that specialize in cannabis cuisine. There are several cooking courses nationwide, and Clover Leaf University has a cannabis curriculum.

How much does a cannabis chef earn?

A cannabis chef typically earns between $50,000 and $100,000.

What schools teach cannabis culinary arts?

Clover Leaf University (CLU)

Cannabis Chef Salary Range

Educational RequirementsSome post-secondary education in the culinary arts
Job SkillsCulinary skills, creativity
Median Salary
$50,000 -$100,000 (for chefs and head cooks in general)
Job Outlook Very high

Top Cannabis Chefs

Top Cannabis ChefsLocations
Michael MagallanesSan Francisco
Payton Curry Berkeley & Scottsdale
Mindy Segal Chicago
Miguel Trinidad New York
Holden Jagger Malibu
Scott Durrah Denver
Chris Sayegh Los Angeles
Andrea Drummer Los Angeles
Coreen Carroll San Francisco
Jaime Lewis Denver