Hip Hop Leading The Way In Vaping Advertising

Over the last few years there has been an enormous rise in interest in the vaping industry. No longer just a niche interest for the few, vaping is now a global phenomenon. Vaping is also becoming widespread among the marijuana-using community so it comes as perhaps no surprise that today’s hip-hop artists are leading the way when it comes to vape pen promotion.

More artists than ever before are using vaporizers in public, and with hip-hop having a strong association with weed-use it seems a no-brainer that some of the music industry’s biggest stars are getting involved with advertising vaping products.

Product Placement Becoming More Common

On the hip-hop scene we’ve seen a whole lot of product placement and clever vaping PR in recent times. Chris Brown, Fetty Wap and Young Thug are just some of the artists associated with the biggest and best brands. More effective than any traditional advert, by simply using these vaping products, today’s stars are endorsing their use and bringing them to the attention of the public – a super-simple way to raise their profile.

Big Names And Their Successful Promotions

DJ Khaled has been very open about vaping being his favorite pastime, so it comes as absolutely no surprise that he’s been promoting his preferred vaping pen line. KandyPens were heavily featured in his “I’m The One” video. His efforts have really boosted the profile of the KandyPens brand and raised interest in buying the manufacturer’s products.

KandyPens hasn’t just relied on DJ Khaled’s endorsement. They’ve also teamed up with Harlem MC, model, actor, director and producer A$AP Rocky to launch a KandyPens signature vaping pen line.

Snoop Dogg is another celebrity associated with vaping. Partnering up with Grenco Science, he has been instrumental in releasing a brand new dry herb vaporizer brand. Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa has also openly used his love of weed into a successful business, developing a line of concentrate and dry herb vaporizers all his own.

The Value Of A Celebrity Endorsement

Advertisers have known for generations that having the endorsement of a celebrity can have a major impact on the decisions customers make. By leveraging their fame in order to promote products, it’s possible to sell more products than ever before. Fans are keen to copy the style of their favorite artists, so harnessing the power of music videos and famous names in the industry is the best way to make an advertising splash. Fans are going to buy the products their favorite artists use. It’s a no-brainer.

We can all see that vaping is on the increase, and it’s clear to see that advertising has a major role to play. With hip-hop artists rapidly becoming ambassadors for the biggest and best vaping brands, we’re likely to see even more famous names vaping in their music videos. By promoting the use of vaporizers via the medium of hip-hop culture, artists and vaping companies can collaborate in a lucrative connection that is profitable all around.