Georgia Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Bill Into Law

Governor Brian Kemp joins some of his fellow conservative lawmakers in embracing medicinal marijuana for his constituents. Earlier this year, his gubernatorial neighbor to the south, Ron DeSantis, expanded cannabis access in Florida. While this bill does have some important restrictions, it’s a good first step in the legalization process for the Peach State.

The bill allows for 9 acres of indoor growing space for the production of medical marijuana oil. The oil will be made available to the state’s 9,500 registered medical marijuana users. A list that has been growing steadily since its inception. Georgia has allowed patients approved by a physician to possess cannabis oil since 2015, but until now, state law prohibited buying, selling or transporting the oil.

As we know from watching these pieces of legislation play out in other states, the actual availability of cannabis is another story. Current estimates are that it will take at least a year before residents are able to purchase the state-sanctioned oil. Regulatory boards need to be formed, licenses need to be granted, and the general framework to support the industry needs to be implemented.

From a jobs standpoint (the standpoint that we care about at CannaInsiders), it is not likely that we will see an immediate impact. However, it is likely that the list of 9,500 medical marijuana patients in Georgia increases with this news. As more pressure is put on the state to provide those patients with care, we will see the demand for jobs grow. if you’re looking for cannabis employment in Georgia right now, you may wind up waiting a while. However, if you are a college student looking to get into the industry after graduation, this is excellent and timely, news.