Cannabis Jobs That Don’t Need a College Degree

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With the cannabis market booming many are flocking for new promising careers. One of the many questions asked is whether there are cannabis jobs that do not require a college degree. The short and simple and is yes, but, if you want to excel with this industry then you will need to continually learn to develop your skill set.

There are hundreds of jobs available on cannainsiders that do not require a college degree. Choose from local startups, to large e-commerce sites, to medical wellness facilities; the possibilities seem endless. At the end of the day, your marketability will be determined by your skills, attitude, and willingness to learn. Below is a list of job categories where you can discover cannabis jobs that don’t require a college degree.

Cannabis Trimmers

Cannabis Trimmers and other similar positions earn anywhere from $12 to $14 per hour. This is based on nationwide averages, so depending on your location you could find a higher paying gig.

Cannabis Delivery Driver

Other cannabis jobs that do not require a degree are marijuana logistics positions. You can discover great jobs like delivery driving, purchasing, fulfillment, and other forms of distribution.

Packaging Jobs

Cannabis packaging jobs consist of packaging technicians, processing specialists, production assistant, processing technician, and facility fulfillment staff. Many of these positions do not require a college degree, and the employers are seeking candidates who arrive with a willingness to learn.

Dispensary Jobs

Many employers prefer dispensary job candidates to have a college degree, but others prefer experience. If you have a strong background in retail, inventory management, or customers service, then you will have an advantage in this field.

Brand Ambassadors

A cannabis brand ambassador will not need to have an extensive background marketing or a college degree. Instead, you can demonstrate your ability to grow networks to help you stand apart from the crowd.

Obtaining a job in this industry is not dependent on having a college degree. If you are eager to learn and you are willing to obtain certificates that will help advance your career, then this could be a great starting point. In addition, attending conferences and local meet-ups on could help drastically. Attending in-person events will provide an opportunity to learn about cannabis first-hand, and meet people in the industry. Bring a printed copy of your resume to these events and talk to as many people as possible!