Cannabis Friendly Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

A  web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the services needed for a website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. To let others see the website you have created, you will need to publish it with a web hosting service. Unless of course you host your website on your own servers. Running your own servers can be very expensive and time consuming. Not to mention not the easiest thing to setup and manage unless you are or have trained IT professionals on staff. With a web hosting provider you don’t have to worry about buying expensive hardware or managing the technical side of things. Web hosting can be purchased for pretty low prices usually starting around $3 per month.

If you are a business, having a website is essential to not only your professional image but for generating new leads and customers. Every website needs to web hosting provider behind it and as far as hosting providers go, we recommend Cyber Bums.

Cyber Bums is a low cost web hosting provider with plans starting at $3 per month. Whether you are running a website for your dispensary or just a cannabis focused blog, Cyber Bums is a great option for cannabis friendly hosting. They offer a number of other great services that are great not just for cannabis based businesses but all businesses in general. Services such as social media management, web design, stock images, marketing resources and more. They also provide 24/7 support 365 days a year!

Now that cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states and even countries and it’s use is becoming more accepted, you’ll need a top notch hosting provider behind you when you launch your new website!

One of their best features/services they offer that by the way is free for anyone to use, is their social media management platform. With it you can connect unlimited social media accounts from all of the major social media platforms, and post content to all of your accounts at once. You can even schedule unlimited posts days, weeks or months in advance. This entire service is free. There is a paid upgrade but the free version is more than enough to suite any business needs. This social platform is one of the main reasons we recommend Cyber Bums over other companies.


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