Are Dispensaries Profitable?

Are dispensaries profitable?

Depending on the region and local marketplace, dispensaries can be very profitable. In fact, there are dispensaries in California that claim they make over $15 Million in annual revenue.

Some overly populated markets have experienced recent dips in revenue due to market saturation. With more competition comes more aggressive pricing models. This, of course, favors the consumer.

If you have successfully completed your market research and engrained yourself within your community, you will have success operating a cannabis dispensary.

How much money can you make owning a dispensary?

Depending on the type of dispensary you own, and your location, you can turn a favorable profit by operating a marijuana dispensary.

On average, medical dispensaries can produce $8,000 in sales per day.
On average, recreational dispensaries can produce $10,000 in sales per day.

How much do growers make selling to dispensaries?

The pay range for growers selling to dispensaries will vary by location. The average annual salary of selling cannabis at wholesale prices to dispensaries is upwards of $100,000 per year. If you’re able to grow mass quantities in enterprise warehouses, you can certainly exceed over a $1 Million dollars on annual revenue. With demand growing, large retailers are in need of compliant and reliable growers.