Are Cannabis Dispensaries Profitable?

Are dispensaries profitable?

Depending on the region and local marketplace, dispensaries can be very profitable. “In fact, More than a quarter of dispensaries generate annual revenues exceeding $1 million. Another 15 percent report annual revenues between $500,000 and $1 million.”

Marijuana dispensaries with tens of thousands of clients and their own products can earn upwards of $10 million annually.

Depending on the type of dispensary you own, and your location, you can turn a favorable profit by operating a marijuana dispensary.

A new study, called “Cannabis Retail: The $23 Billion Opportunity” delved into the nitty gritty financials of the marijuana industry. And (spoiler alert) they were really good! In fact, the study found that dispensaries have the ability to turn a 12 percent profit margin after taxes, which is in line with some of the best retail companies in America, such as Starbucks.


This recent study showed that the legal cannabis market could be worth upwards of $23 Billion based and recent trends.