Are Any Cannabis Jobs High Paying?

When looking for a job in the cannabis industry you might be wondering if jobs in the cannabis industry are high-paying. The short answer is yes!

Are Any Cannabis Jobs High Paying?

Outside the C-Suite the highest paying cannabis jobs are Extraction Technician, Master Growers, Cultivation Directors, Dispensary Directors, and Edibles Chefs.

The following is a breakdown of that each of these jobs will pay. This pay scale is based on national averages and can vary from each location.

Extraction Technician
This job is scientific-based and required a great deal of education. Cannabis Extraction Technicians often use chemicals in the lab and must have an expansive knowledge of chemistry. This position typically starts around $100K but leaders in this field can expect to earn over $180K.

Master Grower
One of the most popular cannabis professions is the head grower or master grower.  Master Growers earn over $120k per year. We expect this salary to clime to drastically in the next 5 years.

Dispensary Director/Store Manager
The Cannabis Dispensary Director is essentially responsible for the success of the retail end of the business. Depending on the location, these positions can earn between $70K and $100K. If you have success as a store marijuana store manager then you will also receive a strong incentive package to grow and expand.

Director of Cultivation
The marijuana cultivator oversees the entire growing operation to ensure the highest quality product. This role also establishes the growing standards for the organization. This position starts around $90-$100K but the leaders in this field (for organization producing at scale) are earning over $200K.

Edibles Chef
Dependant on the size of the operation, the Edibles Chef position can be highly lucrative. If you work for a small organization you can expect to earn  $50,000 – $100,000. However, if you are the Edibles Chef and director for a manufacturer, then you can expect to earn $150k and beyond. Perfecting edible formulas for foods and beverages is in very high demand.